Flaming Arrows Archery Club
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Flaming Arrows Archery Club

Established in 2004/2005, Flaming Arrows Archery Club (FAAC) was started by Coach George to introduce the sport of archery to the masses in Singapore by making it fun, affordable and easily accessible. These ideals still guide us in our many courses.

Our Archery on Wheels program is still as relevant today as when it was started way back then. By bringing our boards, equipment, and instructors to you, there is greater flexibility in terms of planning and enjoying archery.

Make use of the wonderful ranges, courses and the coaches’ expertise. Learn or re-learn the art of archery as it should be and best of all have fun doing it.

Lessons are also available for schools, groups or even individuals. If you would like to enquire more, do visit our courses page or contact us by using the friendly form in the contact us page. You may also contact us at 93836113 (Coach Whitney).

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