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Ok, great!! So you want to buy some products from us. We can do that. Instead of listing all our products out here and having to amend them everytime the exchange rates or prices change, we prefer that you tell us what you need and we will send you a formal quotation. After which you can then pay for the product to our account via internet banking.

For your convenience we have listed some popular websites that you can go to in order that you can make a more informed choice

We can also be reached directly at 93836113.

Get in touch with us before you buy from the rest. You will be glad you did. Many did and they are very happy with our value added services.

Links to organizations related to Archery


 FAAC  F2F    Para


Links to the Archery manufacturers which we are Directly Representing

 KAYA  Merlin
 PLANO  Aurora
 FIVICS  brownell
 Carbon Impact  Samick
 Cartel  Samick