Flaming Arrows Archery Club
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Club Courses

At Flaming Arrow Archery Club (FAAC), We have a variety of courses available from beginners to advanced courses to suit your needs. If you would like a custom course tailored to your event, feel free to contact us. Your call is important to us.

Flaming Arrows Pte Ltd (FAPL) has been a long time approved supplier of the many archery programs geared to encourage more active sports participation in school (archery being one of the sport). So, if you are looking for an archery program for your schools, please go to sep.ssc.gov.sg and see for yourselves the many courses available there through Flaming Arrows.


Archery Programmes conducted by FAPL

  1. Archery Appreciation Course (open to public)
  2. Archery Fundamental Course (pre-requisite: completed Archery Appreciation Course)
  3. Intermediate Archery Training (open only to members or those who are invited to join as our club members)
  4. Preparation for Annual National Inter-School Competition (open to our members only – A to E Divisions)
  5. Corporate Team Building Through Archery (open to public)
  6. Family Fun through Archery (open to public)
  7. Celebrating Birthdays through Archery (open to public)
  8. Experiencing Archery (open to public)
  9. Better Bow / Equipment Maintenance (members only)
  10. Arrow Tuning & Maintenance (members only)
  11. and more...

Additional details will be announced when available. In the meantime, if you need more information (such as availability, booking of range, fees, frequency of training, time and date, etc, please drop us an email at whitneygoh61@gmail.com.